Women's March 2018: Power to the Polls

Hundreds of Thousands Persist for Change, Including Fighting for Voting Rights


Last year's Women's March was an overwhelming statement against the new administration's xenophobia, racism, and other malevolent and anachronistic policies.  This year's march is about making tangible change through increased voter registration, supporting more female candidates for office, and greater participation in the political process overall.

Of course, increased activity at the polls is the Trump administration's worst nightmare.  Whether it's rooted in foul prejudice or merely in a pragmatic desire to maintain a grip on power, Trump and his cronies only want you to be able to vote if you're of a particular skin color or vote for a particular party.

Needless to say, this goes against everything this country should stand for.  We should welcome more participation.  We should be making it easier for people to vote, not harder.  In a democracy, shouldn't every citizen have a chance to cast a ballot freely, without intimidation?

Trump has spent a lot of energy encouraging voter intimidation, both explicitly (as he did during the election) and implicitly (through his failed voter "fraud" commission).  But these marches are a great reminder that such tactics won't succeed so easily.  

It's important that every citizen feel empowered to exercise their Constitutional right to vote, and that they feel energized enough to do so.  Regardless of your viewpoint on taxes, entitlements and other policy issues, if you're pro-democracy you should also be pro-voting.  And that means speaking out against intimidation and supporting measures across the states to make voting easier, like early voting, absentee voting, and more.

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