The Real Agenda of Kris Kobach

NYT Profile of Trump's Anti-Voting Czar Sheds Light on the True Motivations of the Voter Fraud Alarmists

Today the New York Times ran an in depth profile of Kris Kobach. It'll give you a preview of what to expect from Trump's anti-voting commission, and we encourage you to read it. We've covered Kobach before and his failure to provide any evidence of voter fraud at scale, despite his nonstop efforts to restrict the vote in the name of preventing fraud.

For example, the NYT notes:

"Though Kobach received the authority to prosecute fraud cases after warning that voting by 'aliens' was rampant, the nine convictions he has won since 2015 have primarily been citizens 60 and over who own property in two states and were confused about voting requirements. Only one noncitizen has been convicted." 

If you've wondered why Kobach is pushing so hard to restrict the vote despite his inability to produce any evidence, the NYT article also sheds some light on his motivation.  Bottom line:  don't think for a moment that this is about preventing fraud.  It's about preventing citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to vote, so that certain politicians can keep their grip on the American power structure.  It's enraging, it's shameful, and it has to stop.