Automatic Voter Registration to Become Law in Illinois

Governor Will Sign Bill That Passed Through Legislature Unanimously

Remember what it used to be like when lawmakers from both sides of the aisle could collaborate for the benefit of the people?  That's exactly what's happening in Illinois with automatic voter registration.

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner announced that he will sign the state's new automatic voter registration bill, which passed through both houses of the legislature unanimously.  Under the bill, citizens will be registered to vote automatically when transacting at certain state agencies, such as when getting a new or renewed driver's license.

Gov. Rauner had previously threatened to veto the legislation unless it was adjusted to include some measures to limit fraud.  Although we know voter fraud at scale to be a myth, the legislature nevertheless collaborated to add provisions requiring people to affirm that they are eligible to vote.  Both parties were satisfied, and the bill passed unanimously.

It's great to see legislators working together to make it easier for citizens to vote.