Kris Kobach Doesn't Want You to See His Notes

ACLU Asks Court to Remove Confidential Designation

Time and time again, Kris Krobach has crowed louder than anyone about the scourge of massive voter fraud.  He has spent significant tax dollars investigating it.  And, yet, as we well know, Kobach has been unable to produce a shred of evidence of any massive voter fraud.

After all that digging, has he found any evidence?  Upon court order he provided documents, but rather than reveal the truth to the public, he has requested that the contents be kept confidential.  If voter fraud is such a threat to the integrity of American elections, then surely the people have a right to know the truth about Kobach's findings and his plans to address the issue.  At a minimum, the people of Kansas who have funded Kobach's witch hunts should get to see them.  

Bottom line:  if Kobach has legitimate proof of voter fraud, as well as a Constitutional solution, why hide it?

Today the ACLU filed a motion with the US District Court of Kansas, seeking to remove the confidential designation on Kobach's documents, as well as to sanction Kobach for misrepresentation and a lack of candor in the course of their legal proceedings.

Let's hope we can all see Kobach's documents sooner rather than later.  The American people have a right to know what's in them.