Still No Evidence to Support Trump's Voter Fraud Claims

Fox Gives Kobach the Chance to Provide Evidence of Voter Fraud; Kobach Provides None

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, has served as the impetus for Trump's unfounded claims of "illegals" committing voter fraud in order to hand Hillary Clinton the popular vote.  Surely he has some evidence, right?  And given this imminent threat to our democracy, he'd go to every news outlet possible to lay out his case? He's finally done that in his latest interview with Fox Business.  

Here's a sample of his hard-hitting evidence:

"It will be impossible to ever know what the exact number is of non-citizens voting."

Wait, what??

When pressed, Kobach passed the buck:

"To actually nail it down at a state-by-state level, that’s the job of [each] Secretary of State."

OK, let's take him at his word on that one.  Some Secretaries of State have been working hard to root out this corruption from our system, devoting your tax dollars to the cause.  To see what comes of these investigations, let's take a look at the most aggressive of them.  In other words, what has Kobach himself dug up?  After all, he's hunted for voter fraud harder than any other Secretary of State.

Kobach has alleged a grand total of 115 cases of people being on the voter rolls improperly.  No, that's not a typo.  We're not missing a bunch of zeroes after the 115.  What does Kobach make of this vast conspiracy?  He projects it to mean that over 1 million people voted illegally across the country. 

Kobach must have taken math in a school run by Betsy DeVos.

Using actual math, even assuming that ALL of those actually constituted voter fraud, that would project to fewer than 6,000 cases of voter fraud over all 50 states, which would constitute 0.004% of the total ballots cast in the presidential election.  Even looking on a proportional basis, since Kansas is a relatively small state with only 0.9% of the US population, that would still only amount to fewer than 13,000 cases of voter fraud, or 0.009% of the total vote in the presidential election.  Not the difference-maker that he and Trump claim.

In this interview, Kobach separately stated (without evidence) that he estimates 18,000 non-citizens may be on the voter rolls in Kansas, and that 10-20% of them may actually vote.  If true – and there’s no reason to believe it’s actually true – this would equate to 2,700 "illegals" voting in the last election in Kansas.  Still a far cry from the scale of corruption touted by Trump and Kobach, and certainly not a foundation for placing hurdles in the way of citizens who want to vote.

Fox Business gave the only common sense response possible:  

"It just sounds kooky, doesn't it?"

This would be comical if it weren't so dangerous.

Trump's false claims - fueled by Kobach - are driving voter suppression efforts across the country.  Equality Rules is fighting for voter rights.  Sign our petition to tell Trump you don't believe the lies.