The Alabama Senate Election is Tainted, No Matter What the Result

Alabama Elections Still Are Missing Fundamental Fairness

AL voting.jpg

No matter who you favor in today's special Senate election, if you support a democratic system you need to support fair and equal access to the polls.  

Alabama is a country mile away from that.

Or maybe you think that Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has a good reason for wanting to destroy today's ballots.

Maybe you agree with Merrill that voting is a privilege, not a right...despite what the Constitution says.

Maybe you agree with the state's decision to shutter DMV offices in predominantly black counties, merely 1 year after passing Voter ID legislation on the grounds that IDs would be readily accessible to all.  (They reversed course under the shadow of a federal civil rights investigation.)

Maybe you agree with the state's closing of polling places, even as the Alabama population has grown.

Maybe democracy just isn't for you.