Make America Equal Again

The marches that took place on Saturday were incredible and powerful. Will the impact last?

Those in power are showing that they don't care about the marches. They don't care about the speeches. They don't even care about facts. And they sure don't care about you.

These politicians care about keeping their power. And to do it, they've been quietly chipping away at voting rights. Purging voting rolls, limiting early voting, creating long lines at the polls, implementing strict voter ID requirements. Practically every day, there's new legislation to limit the vote. (Learn more by signing up for the Equality Rules newsletter, liking Equality Rules on Facebook, or following Equality Rules on Twitter.)

Every time they suppress the vote, they're less accountable to the American public, and that's what gives them the comfort to ignore you.

This power grab has to stop. Join our fight to regain equal voting rights, so that we all can have a voice in our nation's future.

Please consider a contribution. Your donation will go towards defeating these power hungry politicians. We'll remove them from office and reverse the tide of anti-voting legislation.