Ending Voter Suppression Now

One person, one vote.  That's how it works, right?

Not so much.

We all know the obvious exceptions.  Women didn't get the right to vote until 1920.  Slaves certainly couldn't vote, and it took until the Voting Rights Act in 1965 to force equal voting in the Jim Crow states of the South.

But the road didn't end there.  The fight continues to this day, on many fronts.  Politicians are playing games with your right to vote.

They're purging voter rolls, with little regard for accuracy.  

They're making it harder for lower income people to get to the polls.

Own a gun?  No problem - you can use your gun permit to identify yourself at the polls.  Are you a student?  Sorry, your student ID is no good.

They're toying with your rights and playing favorites.  All so they can control who has a chance to cast a vote.

This is wrong at any point, but it is also especially dangerous at a time when any given state has the potential to flip an entire national election.  And these nefarious techniques have spread to enough states that they are undermining our whole democracy.

The point of any functioning democracy should be simple:  One Person, One Vote.  Let the people have their say, and let the government reflect their collective will.

If you're spending any part of your day scheming to prevent people from voting, maybe democracy just isn't for you.

Equality Rules is a Political Action Committee dedicated to educating everyone about these practices, advocating for change, supporting candidates and ballot initiatives which will protect the right to vote, and defeating those which will not.

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