A Real Case of Fraud

In this Case, the Fraud is a Dunce Posing as a Secretary of State

This would be funny if it weren't for the harm being done to democracy.  Once again, Kris Kobach's claims of voter fraud have been proven unfounded.  Once again, it's been shown that despite having the power to investigate, uncover, and prosecute voter fraud throughout the state of Kansas, he simply can't find it.  And now, having exposed himself as the class dunce, he's being forced to go back to school by a court of law.

Unfortunately, once again it's the citizens of this nation who are left in the dust, without a voice in our democracy.

Kobach is not only a dunce, but a liar as well.  How else can one explain his continued insistence on the scourge of voter fraud, despite years of inability (and many taxpayer dollars spent) to find it?  Sure, it could be his ineptitude.  It's hard to doubt that as a factor in anything he does.  But the continued pursuit of the bogeyman that obviously doesn't exist reveals a more sinister motive.  As we know, keeping (certain) voters out of the polling booths is merely a means of maintaining a grip on power that would otherwise be at risk in a true democracy. 

And let's not forget that Kobach is now a leading contender to become governor of Kansas.  The voters in Kansas should be free to choose their elected officials.  Hopefully they'll choose a governor that wants them to continue to have that choice.