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end voter suppression



When millions of citizens try to vote in the next election, they’ll find that their names have been purged from voting rolls, or they’ll have to wait in hours-long lines, or their ID is insufficient.  Not because of anything they did, but because politicians are pushing changes to the election system that make it harder to vote.

Why?  They'll tell you it's to protect against “voter fraud”, even though they can't produce a shred of evidence.  But so-called "voter fraud" is just a bogeyman, a code word, just like the “states rights” rallying cries that once were used to justify slavery and segregation. 

This has nothing to do with fraud.  It’s voter suppression. 

It’s a naked power grab, as politicians reserve spots at the ballot box for their supporters and rig the election system in their favor.

Right now, there are hundreds of measures pending in legislatures across the country that will impact voting rights.  It’s the state legislatures, state Secretaries of State, and the state/local election boards that determine the rules and run the elections – even the elections for national offices like the President.

Equality Rules is hitting the politicians where the rules are made, at the state and local level.  We’re supporting candidates and legislation that advance equal voting rights, and opposing those who don’t.

Please join our cause.  Together we can make this country a more equal place, where politicians have to answer to all their constituents, and where the best ideas can win.


about equality rules

Fighting Voter Suppression and Protecting Voting Rights

Equality Rules is a Political Action Committee dedicated to bringing fairness back to our elections.  Our team includes leading experts in voter protection, election law, and campaign strategy.  You can learn more about our perspective on our blog.

We're supported by donations from people like you, and we use those donations to fight back against voter suppression and to protect voting rights across the country.  We're increasing awareness of the problem, advocating for legislation and politicians who expand the right to vote, and defeating legislation and political candidates who undermine it.

Help us stop the political power grab.  The time is now.